MOMENTUM FUND:  The Maryland Momentum Fund is a newly-created mechanism for investing in promising early stage companies associated with the University System of Maryland (USM). Maryland-based companies that are seeking equity financing or debt financing  that is convertible into equity may apply.  The funding provided by the Fund will normally be in the range of $150K-$250K, with a ceiling of $500K.  Recipients of this funding must obtain a matching investment (1:1) within six months, in either direction, from the date of commitment by the Fund.
Applications to the Momentum Fund are reviewed on an ongoing basis once all of the required information has been received.  Recommendations for investments by the Fund are then considered at quarterly meetings of the Fund’s Advisory Board.  Companies that are interested in applying for equity investment by the Momentum Fund should contact the Director, David W. Wise, at Once eligibility for funding has been established the company will receive specific directions of the information required in order to begin the review process.

New IP Policy effective Jan. 10, 2018

A simplified University of Maryland Intellectual Property (IP) Policy went into effect on Jan. 10, 2018. 

Key features of the new policy are summarized below:

  • The policy now includes all UMD personnel.
  • The new policy includes the term “Traditional Scholarly Works,” which states the creator owns the copyright whether the work is delivered on-line or in face-to-face-settings, except in certain situations.
  • On-line courses are treated the same as any other copyrighted materials.
  • Software is now included in the patent/invention section of the IP policy, as this section best reflects U.S. regulations of software.
  • The revenue sharing process has been simplified to increase benefit to the inventor(s).

For a full copy of the policy, see:

University of Maryland Intellectual Property Policy

For more information on revenue sharing under the current and former policies, see:

Revenue Distribution

Please contact OTC with questions.


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